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We invite you on a magical and life-transforming journey to the Upper Amazon region in Ecuador. This land is the homeland of the sacred plant Ayahuasca, from which the doctors of the jungle - the indigenous kichwa shamans - prepare the magical & visionary brew of the same name.

This brew cleanses the body and mind, purifies the soul and allows us to access the knowledge of one's heart and the transcendental well of wisdom. It allows us to directly experience and converse with the Divine and the spirits of the Nature.

You are welcome to participate and receive healing and blessing from both Ayahuasca brew and the healer spirits it brings.

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Open 17 December
Open 23 December
Open 28 December
Open 3 January

Opportunity to experience Ayahuasca brew with an indigenous kichwa shaman in a beautiful environment of a private eco lodge in a primary forest. Translation to English included. You can jump in in the scheduled ceremonies or schedule your own date.
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"Attending Jan's workshop in the Amazon is one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life. Having participated and studied in Shamanism the last 15 years, and lead many groups myself, I was impressed (to say the least) at how Jan managed to take care of every detail in way that made it all seem easy. Everything that was promised was delivered, including incredible excursions to places of power, excellent meals, and knowledge about the plants. (...) I feel I got incredible value for my money, and would go back in a second, and recommend this experience to anyone sincerely interested in personal growth." -Antonio from Canada, spring 2010 (10 day retreat)

"Thank you for wonderful retreat, we had great time and some priceless revelations!"
-Arkady from Russia, autumn 2010 (10 day retreat)

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