Experience the Ayahuasca medicine safely

Join a traditional healing ceremony of an authentic and proven indigenous shaman with assistance of an English-speaking guide at a beautiful location in the Amazonian rain forest in Tena, Napo, Ecuador. Small groups, individual treatments and affordable prices. SEE DETAILS

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Ayhuasca ceremony close to Quito


Just 5 hours in a direct bus to arrive in the warm climate of the Upper Amazon rain forest. Authentic Ayahuasca experience in the traditional but comfortable setting.


Safety protocols tested by time, reputable indigenous shaman, skilled assistant and safe environment. First-timers friendly! We have 8+ years of experience.

Assistance during Ayahuasca ceremonies


Have English-speaking assistant with you during the ceremony who can respond to your needs and give you support. Preparatory session before the ritual and integration the day after.

Safety during Ayahuasca ceremony


Individual cleansing ritual for each participant by the shaman, small retreat groups, authentic experience respecting the traditional culture and supporting the indigenous tribe.

“Thank you for the amazing ceremonies! After 4 sessions I feel completely reset and wonderful. Thank you guys for the incredible healing work and wonderful experience! All the best and I’ll definitely be back soon.”

Zi Wu

“The Ayahuasca ceremony is intense and personal – and you should think about why you want to do it. The Shaman gave each of us a personal insight into our tryst with Ayahuasca and the cleansing process, which Jan kindly translated for us. If you’re going to try Ayahuasca, I highly recommend Feather Crown for their safe, friendly, insightful and authentic approach.”


“The experience was perspective-altering in the best way. I feel healed, and have learned ways to continue on a path of self healing through awareness. I recommend undergoing more than one ceremony. The amount and quality of medicine is real. The shaman was incredibly loving and happy to help everyone with their individual questions. Afterwards I was given medicine from the rainforest to continue my personal healing. Feather Crown has been my most treasured part of this trip. ”

Josh Thomas, NY