2-day retreat with one Ayahuasca ceremony near Tena, Ecuador

Amazon Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador, close to Quito


Welcome to Upper Amazon of Ecuador, the home of the Ayahuasca medicine, with beautiful primary forests, cristalline rivers, pure air and rich indigenous culture. Pleasant temperatures and no mosquitos.


10 years of experience hosting Ayahuasca retreats: Safety protocols tested by time, experienced ceremonial leader, skilled assistants and safe environment. Both first-timers and Ayahuasca veterans friendly.

Assistance during Ayahuasca ceremonies


English-speaking ceremonial leader supporting you in the transformative process, ready to respond to your needs. Preparatory session before the ritual and integration the day after. Grouding experience.

Safety during Ayahuasca ceremony


Individual cleansing ritual for each participant in the ceremony, small retreat groups, authentic and intimate experience, harmonious with nature and supporting the indigenous tribe.

2-day Ayahuasca retreat: Event overview

In this traditional ceremony you will be able to experience the benefits of all-night ancient ritual of Ayahuasca drinking, as practiced in the Amazon basin. You will receive individual cleansing ritual from the ceremony leader. This experience is all-included with transport, accommodation and meals, and you need 2 days (1 night) minimum to participate. No lodge accommodation is available, this is rustic jungle experience until we finish our temple in late 2017.

Itinerary of the 2-day Ayahuasca retreat


  • 5:00 pm – Meeting in Santa Clara, introduction and basic information about the event
  • 5:30 pm – Transport to the campment (20 min by car, then 10 min walk)
  • 8:00 pm – Preparatory talk before the ceremony
  • 8:30 pm – Ayahuasca ceremony till 1:00 am
  • 1:00 am – Resting in the ceremonial space till the morning


  • 8:30 am – Delicious breakfast
  • 9:00 am – Questions and answers about last ceremony, prescription of the diet to follow the next days
  • 10:00 am – Transport back to Santa Clara.

Work with the Ayahuasca medicine

It is recommendable only to people who feel the personal calling for this type of introspective work and have necessary respect for the plant and the sacredness of the ritual. This is not a tourist experience. It should not be taken lightly as a tourist attraction. This journey might not be pleasant in all of its parts, but at the end it is worth taking. The Ayahuasca ritual is deeply meaningful and healing for those who are ready and who have trust in the healing process with the Ayahuasca plant as well as trust the people who lead the ceremony. The Ayahuasca medicine can bring suppressed emotions to the surface, clean any negative energies and allow for deep change within oneself. Participants of the Feather Crown Ayahuasca ceremony can obtain positive results in the following areas:

·        Spirituality: Spiritual growth, enlightenment, universal truth, divinity, seeking, power animals, meeting spirits, soul retrieval, cleansing, straightening energy, chakra cleansing, past life regression

·        Mental Health: General mental health, mental abuse, emotional pain, past trauma, release negativity

·        Physical Health: General physical health, physical pain, physical abuse, sexual abuse, addiction

·        Health and well-being: Life purpose, career change, creativity, personal growth, learning, curiosity, heart center, connection with nature

Who is leading the ceremony

Jan Rostlinka is 35 years old natural medicine practitioner of Slavic descent born in Czech republic. Jan has an experience of 10 years leading Ayahuasca ceremonies in Europe and Latin America. He studied with 25 shamans of different nationalities and did long-term apprenticeships within indigenous families, including those of Luis Andi (renowned kichwa yachak from Napo, Ecuador), Mateo Arévalo (elder shipibo onaya from Ucayalí, Perú) and Emilio Ramirez Sr. (elder shipibo onaya, Ucayalí, Peru). During those apprenticeships, he dieted a number of sacred teacher plants. Jan also studied with San Pedro in Ecuador and Peyote in the Wirikuta desert of Mexico. This rigorous training and connection to the ancient lineages enable Jan to lead sacred rituals with expertise, resulting in healing benefit for all participants. During ceremonies led by Jan all participants are supervised, guided and spiritually protected. Any detected negative energies are removed and healed. In Jan's ceremonies participants enjoy individual cleansing sessions with singing and use of different instruments such as flutes or the surupanga leaf fan (chacapa).

The Medicine

You will have the opportunity to work with a selected variety of the Ayahuasca vine. Some Ayahuasca variteties are harsh on the body and produce strong nausea and vomitting, while having only mild psychoactive effects. Our variety is gentle to the body, yet produces strong mind-altering effects and, for those who are ready, possibly visions. It is prepared traditionally on fire using only two plants, the Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca) vine and the Diplopterys cabrerana (chalipanga) vine. The latter plant amplifies the consciousness-expanding effects and helps one to receive visions.

The ritual

Around 8 pm, after being prepared theoretically, participants drink the concentrated Ayahuasca medicine and then lay down on comfortable mattresses in the ceremonial space. As soon as the effects kick in, the ceremonial leader, who is also under the influence of the brew, begins to use instruments and starts to chant visions-modulating songs, guiding participants on this intensive journey. His task is to clean any negative energies that are purged from the participants and call spirit guides who provide compassionate, loving and healing energy for all who are present. Later during the night, participants are called one by one to come and sit in front of the healer to get cleansed by leaves gathered in the rainforest and by singing. The healer also uses blowing, sucking and other techniques aimed to help the patient. This cleansing ritual or “limpia“ is the most important part of the ceremony, where energy of the participants can be balanced, and where different illnesses can be removed from the body. In case there any serious illnesses, the healer can deal with them towards the end of the ceremony.

Physical safety of the ritual

Sober helpers are always present during the whole ceremony to help participants walk to the bathrooms. The space itself is carefully prepared, physically safe and perfect for hosting such ceremony. In case of having strong reaction to the Ayahuasca, the team know perfectly how to help participants to go through their journey without any harm.

What differentiates us from other practitioners and centers

  • Groups of participants are small, usually 1-4 people, with rare 12 people maximum.
  • Safe ceremonies for women – environment free of sexual advances.
  • Abuse of alcohol isn’t permitted at the lodge.
  • The ceremonial leader has proper training and is deeply caring for the wellbeing of all participants. Ceremonies are energetically and spritually guided and safe.
  • Our foremost motivation is to provide meaningful assistance on your spiritual journey and help you to obtain better health.
  • We work with strong and properly brewed medicine and the ceremonies are intense. We use the admixture leaves to make sure participants can go deep in the healing process.
  • We base our practice on 10 years of experience with hosting such events.
  • No knowledge of Spanish is required. Translations to/from English, Spanish and Czech are available.
  • Your payment supports indigenous families who take care of the property and contributes to the protection of the local natural environment.

Location and accommodation

Our property is located on the border of Pastaza and Napo province. 3,5 hours drive from Quito, 1 hour drive from Tena or Puyo, with the closest town being Santa Clara. From Santa Clara, it is just 20 minutes drive ro reach a 20 hectar natural reserve which lies on the banks of a sacred river.

As we are still building our healing center, and for this reason, we cannot offer private cabin-style accommodation. All participants spend the night together in the ceremonial space.

The ceremonial space consists of a large ceremonial tent, protected from rain, equipped with plastic tarp on the floor, mattresses and mosquitoe nets, dry toilet, and river / creek for bathing. Bottled water is available.

The idea of the ceremony is to spend time surrounded by a beautiful primary forest, in close contact with the basic elements. This is real jungle medicine experience. It is not recommendable for people who are afraid of the elements, or animals of the jungle (such as the insects), or people who need hot showers, glass windows etc.

This experience is mostly described by our visitors as eye-opening, consciousness-shifting, stunningly beutiful and unforgettable.

Different options for travelling from Quito airport to Tena:

a) Taxi from the Quito Airport to Tena/Santa Clara: $120 per car, 3,5h
b) Shared taxi tourist service from Quito to Tena (early in the morning): $25 per person 3,5h
c) Combined taxi+bus: Taxi from Quito Airport to bus stop “RONDEL DEL PIFO – PARADA DE LOS BUSES AL TENA” ($10), then bus to Tena 
($8 per person). 5-6h

From Tena to Santa Clara, where we meet:

a) Feather Crown car or Taxi: $20, 30 min.
b) Cheap bus (any bus going to PUYO or AMBATO) , 1 hour

Available dates

You can pick any custom date for your ceremony, just please pick a date outside of the scheduled 13-day retreats you see in our our google calendar.


All- inclusive price is 120 USD per person per ceremony which offers:

  • Transport by car to the campment where the ritual takes place (from Santa Clara, Pastaza)
  • Preparatory session before the ritual
  • The Ayahuasca ceremony with individual cleansing ritual
  • Delicious breakfast (vegetarian, vegan or normal)
  • Questions & answers session with the ceremony leader
  • Transport by car back to Santa Clara

Discounts for groups of 4 or more participants.

Pay 50 USD now to book your space and pay the rest later.
We accept PayPal, bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union.

Extra activities

Your stay can be enriched by various activities upon your request:

·        Extra healing of specific illness during the ceremony. Techniques of energetic „sucking“ by mouth, cleansing with leaves gathered in the rainforest and also massage is often used to remove illness residing in the body. $100 USD per healing session. Consultation before the ceremony is included. In some cases, additional medicinal plants are given to the patient to be applied during the days after the healing.

·        Apprenticing in order to become a healer yourself requires extra energy transfers, extra purification of the body using macerated plants and special songs to be sang. $100 USD per session.

·        The next day after the ceremony, special flower bath using many sweet-smelling plants helps to receive special blessing, good luck and loving energies. $10 USD per person

Requirements and Health safety

If you suffer from any disease or take any medicines, you absolutely need to inform us, as some medicines can be contraindicated with Ayahuasca. Taking Ayahuasca if you suffer from weak heart, a mental illness and certain other illnesses may be dangerous or even life-threatening.

Medications and supplements policy: The participants are not allowed to take any other medicines or supplements, including the natural ones, apart from Ayahuasca, except for anti-malarial medication and birth control, for the duration of the event, unless permitted by the organizer. If you are taking any medications or supplements that are prescribed by a doctor, you will need to consult your doctor about weaning you off them in time for them to completely clear out of your system before your visit.

Health conditions and risks agreement: Our events are held on places which are not medical facilities and we are not equipped to handle a serious medical emergency. Please inform us of any serious medical conditions that you have before you make your reservation.Due to potential health risks, people with the following health conditions will not be able to drink Ayahuasca. However, they can still partake in the ceremony without drinking and can receive the healing and cleansing ritual from the ceremony leader.

  • high blood pressure diabetes
  • schizophrenic disorder
  • heart disease or any condition previously diagnosed indicating vulnerability to the heart
  • epilepsy and other seizure related conditions
  • infectious or contagious disease
  • suicidal ideation
  • use of MAO inhibitors or anti-psychotic medication

Mental illness: Anyone in treatment for mental illness must consult a physician regarding the advisability of using Ayahuasca and if approved must cease taking any anti-depressants or mood altering medications at least 3 weeks prior to the trip.

Drug addictions: We do not allow people who are taking drugs to partake in our events. For treating serious drug addictions, contact us to arrange different individual type of work. Smoking cannabis r taking any mind-altering plants is prohibited during our events.

Menstruation: Please inform us if you are having your period on the day of the ceremony. It is possible to partake in the ceremony if you are menstruating. However, take into account that if you feel too much discomfort because of strong menstruation, it might interfere with your ability to concentrate and relax in the healing process.

Pay 50 USD now to book your space and pay the rest later.
We accept PayPal, bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union.

"Thank you for the amazing ceremonies! After 4 sessions I feel completely reset and wonderful. Thank you guys for the incredible healing work and wonderful experience!"

Zi Wu

"If you’re going to try Ayahuasca, I highly recommend Feather Crown for their safe, friendly, insightful and authentic approach."


"The experience was perspective-altering in the best way. Feather Crown has been my most treasured part of this trip. "

Josh Thomas, NY

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