Ayahuasca retreat and ceremony in Ecuador with an indigenous shaman

Information for travelling in Ecuador

Weather in Ecuador

With the exception of a few countries, travel visas are normally not required for travellers entering into Ecuador with valid passports and the immigration will normally stamp a 30 day stay when one enters the country. When leaving Ecuador from the airports, a fee of $40 is charged. If you are interested in long/term stay and need more information about various types of visa and their requirements, visit Ecuadorservices. Be careful if you obtain visa in your country – extra paperwork (registration and censo) in Ecuador is required.

Please check on the internet whether there are vaccinations required to be able to arrive for your country (usually, they are not). A good source of information for tropical disease is the website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Note that the risk of getting malaria in the area around the city Tena is very small.

Ecuador is not dangerous for tourists, if you are careful and know what places and situations should be avoided. We strongly recommend to be very attentive and careful in Quito. Many people coming for ceremonies from Quito report thefts of their backpacks, purses, luggages, clothes and mobile phones. This can be easily prevented:

  • Do not roam the streets after the sunset
  • Travel by taxis with license number, not by trolley or bus
  • Do not respond to people talking to you on the street – make a few quick steps away
  • When travelling by bus from Quito to Tena, do not put anything in the overhead compartment – put it below your knees and lock it with your leg
  • Hand out your big luggages to the bus attendant and point out that they are yours
  • Have your money and passport in purses under your clothing, not in pockets
  • Do not carry large amounts of money in your purse, have it on a safe place
  • Be watchful, listen to your feelings
  • If you are followed, take a taxi immediately
  • Caution when withdrawing money from ATMs

The town of Tena and its surroundings are much safer and relaxed.

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