Ayahuasca retreat and ceremony in Ecuador with an indigenous shaman

Feather Crown staff

Jan Rostlinka

is 35 years old natural medicine practitioner of Slavic descent born in Czechia. For past 10 years, he has been living and practicing the Ayahuasca medicine in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. Married into a family of a respected kichwa shaman in Napo, Ecuador, Jan is living with his wife and daughter in a small indigenous community on the banks of the river Jatun Yacu.

Jan studied with 25 shamans of different nationalities and did long-term apprenticeships within indigenous families, including those of Luis Andi Grefa (renowned kichwa yachak from Napo, Ecuador), Mateo Arévalo Maynas (elder shipibo onaya from Ucayalí, Perú) and Emilio Ramirez Sr. (elder shipibo onaya, Ucayalí, Peru). During those apprenticeships, he dieted a significant number of amazonian trees and plants. Jan also studied with San Pedro and Peyote shamans in the Wirikuta desert of Mexico. This proper training and connection to the ancient lineages enabled Jan to lead sacred rituals with expertise, resulting in healing benefit for all participants.

“After working with Jan from Feather Crown for the past two weeks here in Tena, Ecuador, I can enthusiastically recommend him to anyone interested in learning about the shamanic practices here in Ecuador.”


“Jan, what can I say; I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. He exceeded all my expectations and perhaps most importantly, was authentic and easy to relate to, putting me in a good space to have our collective experience.”


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