Ayahuasca retreat and ceremony in Ecuador with an indigenous shaman

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“For me it [Feather Crown 10-day Ayahuasca retreat in December 2016] was a great and extraordinary experience and really wonderful to have met you all.”

Richard from Holland

IT manager

“The experience with Feather Crown was perspective-altering in the best way. I feel healed, and have learned ways to continue on a path of self healing through awareness. I recommend undergoing more than one ceremony. The first is a meet-n-greet with your own mind. Real healing can begin after. Im glad I stayed for a second one. The amount and quality of medicine is real. The shaman was incredibly loving and happy to help everyone with their individual questions. Afterwards I was given medicine from the rainforest to continue my personal healing.”


Leo Arrigunaga and I can’t thank Jan and Don Ramon and their partners enough for providing guidance and care through such a heavy healing process. 

Our lives will forever be changed for the better 😃

If you’re on the search for a retreat like we were and you’re wondering if Feather Crown is a safe place for healing look no further.

We seriously can’t recommended Feather crown enough!
We’d be pleased to share our experiences with anyone who’s curious. Feel free to message.

Muchas Gracias

Scott and Leo

“Getting ready to fly home tomorrow! Its been a great time in Ecuador, having a break from the busy American life, and working with shaman, Don Ramon, who I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for deepening spirituality, and/or physical or spiritual healing.”

See also blog post: ““My story of lyme disease, and physical, spiritual, emotional, and spirit healing with the sacred plant, Ayahuasca“”

Karen Andrews

“I was a participant at the February 2010 retreat and all I can say is that it was life-changing! I do not know from where to start and where to end. The food, the jungle, the hospitality, the organization, were all fantastic!! But the best part was the people that I met there, the shaman and the family, his assistant and all the other participants. So nice connection and great moments!! And above all, the medicine and its healing powers. So many decisions were taken in these ten days and still transforming my thoughts during the retreat into reality!! Thanks to all!!”

Christos from Greece

“Having just done an ayahuasca retreat (my first) with Feathercrown, I can say unreservedly that it was a fantastic and transformative experience. The shaman gave us immediate confidence with his obvious sincerity, authenticity and spirituality. This was a “real”, compassionate and powerful man. I have no doubt at all that he is genuinely interested in introducing “serious” foreigners to the vine and all that that entails, and he certainly worked very hard to do that. The same applies to his assistant, whose organization of, and support during the retreat, which was confronting at times (as it needed to be for it to be valuable), was wonderful: thank you both SO much. As to the cost, I can tell you that it was very, very reasonable by any standard. This was not a commercial set-up at all. My partner and I are already planning a return!”

Alistair from Australia

“A special thank you goes to the assistant from Feather Crown who looked after us with much love and compassion and we will never forget him. He was our angel. I reflected back on the 10 days in the rain forest and I felt so calm, peaceful and pure and I knew I had been healed from some of my illnesses. It has been thirty days since I left Tena and I have eliminated 2 of my prescription medicines and I have lost 20 pounds. I only eat when I am hungry and I eat healthy foods. I went there to get well and to lose weight and I got what I wanted, thanks to the spiritual retreat and the shaman. I look forward to returning to Feather crown in Tena again and spending time with the family.”

Niki from U.S.

“Last month I spent 10 days with feathercrown assistant and the healer, who is an extraordinary shaman. His medicine was very powerful. His assistant is a kind, generous and very serious student of the medicine. I have been a student of ayahuasca since December 2000, primarily in Peru. I trust FeatherCrown and I urge anyone interested in the medicine to contact FeatherCrown directly. His shaman Don Lucho is a dynamic shaman and spent a great deal of time healing each participant. Don Lucho’s retreat is not a “spa” and not for those who are only interested in a resort-style experience. Don Lucho is authentic and not a corrupt shaman.”

Victoria from U.S.

“I just got back from Ecuador a few days ago, after having participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony near Tena, organized and facitilated by “Feather Crown”. The Shaman and his family were wonderful hosts, and were very helpful and hospitable throughout the whole experience. Don Lucio is very skilled, experienced, and he spent a lot of time, and effort, tending to each of us with an inspiring healing ritual, he also was very helpful during breakfast(delicious) the next morning helping us interpret our visions and our feelings. Jan, it was a pleasure meeting you, you’re a great guy and you do fantastic work. I hope to get down to Ecuador at some point and work with you again. The other people I met, who were also doing the ceremony, were all fantastic as well and it was a very friendly, warm, worthwhile and enlightening experience had by all. This was my 3rd Ayahuasca ceremony(the last 2 were in Peru), and it exceeded my expectations.”

Robert from U.S.

“I have  been experiencing Ayahuasca at Feathercrown for a period of more than a year now. I consider myself privileged to have come to experience the medicine in this environment as Jan has been such a supportive and grounding presence throughout this process, holding my hand through the ups and downs of this wonderful ride. I have always felt in the best hands, safe and taken care off when drinking with Jan and Ramon. I can’t recommend them highly enough. ”


I completed one ayahuasca ceremony with Don Ramon and Jan in May 2016. Jan has such a calming and soothing energy from the very beginning and made sure everyone was informed and felt comfortable.
I was initially feeling a little nervous about the ceremony but once i was in the ceremony space i felt comfortable and safe. Don Ramon is a truly powerful healer. I had a very soft and gentle experience with the medicine and the entire time i felt nurtured and cared for. Since the ceremony i have noticed changes in myself that i can see every day. I am forever grateful i was able to experience the medicine at feather crown and i hope to go back one day soon to continue healing and to explore aspects of the universe and myself.
With eternal gratitude,


“Thank you Ramon and Jan for the amazing ceremonies! After 4 sessions I feel completely reset and wonderful. Thank you guys for the incredible healing work and wonderful experience! All the best and I’ll definitely be back soon : )”

Zi Wu

“We were both excited and apprehensive for our first ever Ayahuasca ceremony, and are very glad we chose to do it with Jan and Shaman Don Ramon in Ecuador – it seemed as authentic as it can be for an outsider. The ceremony area is located deep in the forest, yet only a short hike from the road (including a river crossing which makes it more adventurous). The hall has everything you need for the night – comfortable mattresses, blankets, a toilet nearby, a gushing river, and the silence of the forest.
The Ayahuasca ceremony is intense and personal – and you should think about why you want to do it. The Shaman gave each of us a personal insight into our tryst with Ayahuasca and the cleansing process, which Jan kindly translated for us. If you’re going to try Ayahuasca, I highly recommend Feather Crown for their safe, friendly, insightful and authentic approach.”
Shivya and Sid

“I want to thank you for the amazing experience during the ayahuasca retreat. I found it to be a very enjoyable and worthwhile adventure- and the best value for the money that I have come across for such an experience. And on top if it, to know that much of the cost went directly to support the Quechua community there is icing on the cake. I felt truly blessed being able to be a part of authentic Quechua culture for those 10 days, on the land and staying with shaman and his wonderful family. You were very gracious and caring, but during the ceremonies and for the entire time of the retreat. I will keep these memories with me forever.”

Josh from Canada

“Just wanted to thank you for all your effort and all the help we got during the retreat. I’m very happy that I was connected with you and the healer, he is incredible person, very talented, discipline and most of all dedicated shaman. I never thought that I will have a chance to experience a connection with such a powerful soul. Despite cultural differences and the language barrier we felt heartwarming connection with you, the shaman and the whole family. Thanks again and again for all the organizational pain you went through to make it all possible for all of us….”

Leon from USA

“Since the trip, I feel grounded and eager to live a more expansive life. I want to say an immense “thank you” for all the hard work you’re doing in Ecuador in helping the beautiful family, and spreading the healing phenomenon of ayahuasca. I’m grateful for your patience, love and care for us during the ceremonies. Your personality is a natural fit for the work you’re doing. The experience with the shaman was life changing. In the beginning of the retreat I couldn’t recognize the shaman during the day because of his humble demeanour. It contrasted to the powerful presence he emanated during the evening ceremonies. The attention and time he spent on each and every one of us individually is the main reason why I feel fortunate to have attended the retreat. I hope to do it again in the future, but for now I’ll reflect and linger on my recent experience of it.”

Jinny from Canada

“I was very satisfied with the retreat. I felt very confident about the retreat from the first emails we exchanged with jan wancho. It is important what you expect from it. If you come because of your soul, because of cleansing and finding youself, you go to the right place. Everything on the retreat was prepared very well and the organizers were doing everything possible to make us feel good. You could tell is from the way they were preparing food, how they treated us, how they helped during the ceremonies and translated. I believe that Wancho knows how to find shamans who are clean and have good heart. The program was prepared in a way that there was always something to do, a trip, bathing in plants, painting with natural pigments. After returning from retreat I feel more at peace and my focus is better. I will happily come back soon.”

Ivana from Czech Republic

“After working with Jan from Feather Crown for the past two weeks here in Tena, Ecuador, I can enthusiastically recommend him to anyone interested in learning about the shamanic practices here in Ecuador. So far we have had 5 ceremonies with four different curanderos. Jan clearly has very good relationships with these curanderos. As my goal here is to find a curandero to learn from, he has been very candid with me about about what he sees as the good and bad points of learning from each. While not claiming any special knowledge or wisdom, Jan does have a lot of experience with the vine, and has gently offered guidance, suggestions, and a few cautions about how I could proceed on my journey. I have found him to be humble, supportive, with an easy smile and a good sense of humor. He has presented me with a variety of options for learning the traditions here, and different options for possible diets, then sat back and waited for me to ask to do them, with no pressure to make use of his services. I must say I like and admire him a great deal, and am glad I chose to come to Ecuador instead of heading straight to Iquitos. All the curanderos here do a limpia, a cleaning of your energies has part of the ceremony, and with each I have felt the power they had and strength flowing into my body as they worked on me. They have stong medicine here. The ceremonies have mostly been at the curanderos houses, which have been away from the town, and each had a special hut for doing ceremonies and a place for people to sleep afterwards. One ceremony was held in a local cavern. We had to walk through a shallow river in the cavern to get get to the ceremonial space, and spent the night there after the ceremony. That was an amazing experience, with a lot of strong energy.”

Jim from U.S.

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