Ayahuasca retreat and ceremony in Ecuador with an indigenous shaman

Become a volunteer with Feather Crown

Volunteering with Feather Crown in a new-growing healing space is an unique way of geeting in touch with beautiful natural environment, local kichwa culture in a warm family setting, and of course experiencing Ayahuasca medicine. It is for people who are not afraid of living in the jungle, don’t need much comforts, and are keen workers.

In July 2017, we have started building a medicine centre on a beautiful location in the jungle of Ecuador in the province of Pastaza. You can join the building team as a volunteer.

No prior experience with building is needed, but it is welcome. What is important is to be keen worker and open to learn new things. No knowledge of Spanish is needed, just English. It can be an awesome oportunity to learn more Spanish for non-speakers.


We only accept volunteers on specific dates. When we are busy organizing the 13-day Ayahuasca retreat at a different location, we cannot meet new volunteers. If volunteers meet us on specific dates that are listed below, they can stay and work at the property as long as they wish, even during the 13-day or other retreats.

Selected dates on which you can meet us and enter the volunteering program are:

January 8 – February 16, 2018
March 12 – 23, 2018
April 16 – 27, 2018

We have not specified further dates yet. Please come back later to check new dates or send us a email.

 What we offer:

  • Living surrounded by pristine nature in a 20 hectares of our beautiful rainforest reserve. You will be sleeping in the Ayahuasca temple on a mattress equipped with mosquitoe net and a blanket. You can also bring your tent or sleeping bag if you like to have more privacy, we can also build a roof for your tent. The living conditions are very simple and require people who like to be close to the elements and the jungle.
  • All meals, vegetarian, vegan or normal (with beef, chicken or fish), with torpical fruit, fresh vegetables etc.
  • Learning about traditional living, hunting, fishing, indigenous culture, knowledge about medicinal plants.
  • Share life with the indigenous kichwa people

What is your responsibility:

Sending us your registration form.

When we confirm the dates of your volunteering stay, you will be asked to donate 10 USD towards our Rainforest Protection and Ayahuasca Reforestation fund for each day of your stay. With this contribution your stay is booked.

For example, if you stay 5 days, which is the mininum lenght of your stay, we will be expecting you to donate $50 USD towards Rainforest Protection and Ayahuasca Reforestation fund.

If you wish to stay longer than 5 days, you can also send the initial donation for one week and then pay the rest later.

You are expected to participate in any of the following tasks:

  • Reforestation, planting medicinal and other valuable trees in the forest.
  • Gardening, planting and taking care of edible plants.
  • Assisting professional builders in the constructions of the medicine space. Most common task is the transportation of the building material, such as stones, bamboo, sand, etc. Making holes in the ground etc.
  • Cooking for yourself and the staff.
  • Promoting the center by filming and processing video.

In total you are expected to work minimum of 6 hours per day (9am-12am, 1pm-3pm) for 5 days per week.

In case you want to stay at our site without working you are expected to contribute with 30 USD per day towards our Rainforest Protection and Ayahuasca Protection project with 3 meals and accommodation in a temple (with private mosquitoe net tent).

Ayahuasca ceremonies

You are welcome to participate in any Ayahuasca ceremonies that take place in the temple for a lowered price of 60 USD donation towards the Rainforest Protection and Ayahuasca Protection project.

Other conditions

  • Only people whose health conditions allows it may participate in the Ayahuasca ceremonies. The condition and diet is the same as for 13-day Ayahuasca retreat – please check for more info.
  • No consumption of alcohol, cannabis or other mind-altering substances is allowed at the property.

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